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Welcome to the ARMLS Content License Agreement Collaboration Portal!

This system is designed to help ARMLS and our Subscribers to better and more efficiently manage:

  • Content License Agreement (CLA) Requests for Participants/Brokers and Subscribers
  • Process of CLA formation
  • Executed Content License Agreements Repository

Note: If you have been given a Gateway login by ARMLS, please log in on the left. If you are signing up for a CLA for the first time (with your current company) through this system, please press “Create Account” and follow the instructions. Please Note, you only need to create a company account one time. Once you have created your initial company account, you may request all future contracts by clicking on the “Contract Request” tab within the Collaboration Portal.


Types of Data Feeds available for ARMLS Participant/Broker and Subscriber licensing:

Internet Data Exchange (“IDX”)

IDX covers a wide range of software products manufactured by third-party vendors for MLS Participants. While some details may differ between IDX products, they are all public-facing tools that advertise a listing and allow clients to search MLS data. All IDX must comply with the IDX rules as posted by ARMLS. An IDX feed is available only to those brokers participating in the IDX program, and only for display on their company websites; and/or their agent’s website (with broker approval).

Virtual Office Website (“VOW”)

A VOW is an online brokerage website that complies with the detailed requirements of VOW policies as posted by ARMLS. Any subscriber to ARMLS may operate a VOW.

Company Back-Office Application

ARMLS offers a customized data feed of the MLS database for use ONLY with in-office applications. The data from this Back-Office feed must not be distributed for any other use and the data must not be visible to the public. AVMs are considered by ARMLS to be a back-office application although the aggregated AVM result for a property may be displayed publicly.

Brokerage Listings Only

ARMLS will transport the brokerage’s own listings to the Participant/Broker or their consultant free of charge. Although there are some nominal contract terms that must be signed, the Participant/Broker can use this feed of their own listings for any purpose.


For IDX and Back Office Applications, the first five (5) feeds are provided to the Brokerage free of charge. The sixth and any subsequent feeds are each currently priced at $150.00 per month.

VOW feeds are priced at $150.00 per month and are billed to either the broker or subscriber requesting the VOW.


Broker/Agent own listings are provided back at no cost.